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The city of Toronto has launched a new app, TOwaste, which, for those who live in a house, is very useful. It shows how to separate garbage and recyclables, which day is garbage collection day, and what type. It also shows places where you can donate items, and where to discard hazardous waste.

For those who don’t know, garbage collection here in Toronto is done weekly, where one week common garbage is collected, and the next week, recyclable.

In Toronto, there are also Drop-Offs, where people generally dispose construction debris or hazardous waste, for example. There, you weigh the car at the entrance, throw the garbage in a specific area, and then weigh the car again, at the exit, paying for the weight of waste dispensed. These Drop-Offs are shown in the app maps.

And for those who have items that no longer in use, but are in good condition, there are the Donation Centers, where they can be donated. These items can be clothing items, furniture, and even automobiles. These Donation Centres are also shown in the app map.

With the new app, you can also place alerts on your mobile for pickup days and if there is any kind of change in the schedule. The new app is available iTunes and Google Play.

All photos are screen prints of the app.

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